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Rocket Entertainment is proud to enter new partnerships with The Fullerton Hotel SingaporeThe Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore and Mandarin Orchard Singapore. 

Through these partnerships, Rocket Entertainment will provide guests to these prestigious hotels the latest movies from leading Hollywood studios within eight weeks of its global release uninterrupted at no cost to either the partner hotels or their esteemed guests. Latest new releases currently playing on Rocket movie are “Kong: Skull Island” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”. 

These partnerships marks an important milestone for Rocket Entertainment which is determined and well underway to revolutionize the in-room entertainment experience for premium hotel guests across South East Asia by making available uninterrupted, recently released movies from leading Hollywood studios at no additional cost to neither hotel nor guest.

To enable premium, recently released Hollywood movies, Rocket Entertainment will make available 90 seconds of pre-movie advertisements in a non-skippable format. These exclusive and well curated advertisements will be prominently featured prior to the commencement of the selected movie to reach, engage and connect with the viewer(s).

At present, Rocket Entertainment has secured 10 premium South East Asia’s leading hotel chains focusing on Singapore and China and powering exclusive in-room entertainment experience to 5,000 rooms and showcases premium advertisements to over 90,000 premium hotel guests monthly.

With the new partnerships, Rocket Entertainment’s target of securing 8,000 rooms and engaging with 144,000 premium hotel guests per month by end 2017 is well within reach with The Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s 400 rooms, The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore’s 100 rooms and Mandarin Orchard Singapore’s 1,077 rooms.

By 2018, Rocket is expected to secure close to 30,000 rooms across China and Singapore while reaching out to a total of 540,000 premium hotel guests a month!