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What is more important to you – saving up on in-room entertainment cost or ensuring maximum satisfaction of your guests? How about we give you the best of both worlds? It’s time to do away with Pay-Per-View, and let your guests enjoy the latest blockbusters in the comfort of their room, free of cost. It’s time to get Rocket Movies!

Rocket’s Movies

Everyone enjoys watching movies at leisure. Ever wondered why movies that are shown at primetime slots usually command the best viewership? At Rocket, all our movies are new releases and blockbusters from theatres. We source these movies directly from the biggest movie studios and provide them to leading hotels, free of cost. New movies are available six weeks after theatre release to ensure hotel guests constantly enjoy the latest from the world of entertainment.

Hotel Partner’s Benefits

  • Earn a portion of the advertising revenues
  • Save thousands of dollars in cost that you would otherwise end up spending on buying linear and premium movie content
  • Ensure complete satisfaction of your guests, leading to repeat visits
  • An opportunity for you to associate your brand with other premium brands

Open doors to a world of free, premium in-room entertainment for your guests with Rocket! At the same time, get paid for airing video content to them without investing a second of your effort. This how it works:

  • Get Rocket Movies to replace Pay-per-View movies in your hotel
  • Rocket sets up and installs the entire system for you 
  • You get paid a share of the advertising revenues