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Currently, we are connecting you to approximately 140,000 guests in over 3,000 rooms across Southeast Asia’s leading hotel chains. With major growth plans in the offing, we are expected to expand our coverage to over 50,000 rooms reaching 2.3 million guests by 2018.

Rocket’s media platform features advertisement commercial slots that are non-skippable before each movie. These commercials begin when guests select movies to watch on demand. Advertisement slots consist of either video commercials or static ads. In addition, purpose-designed videotorials can also be integrated to convey your brand story in a more effective manner. Thirty movie titles are classified under three categories – New Releases, Now Showing and Blockbusters. Advertisers are able to air their commercials in any of these three categories.

Reach Customers

With our media platform in premium hotels around the Asia-Pacific region, you can reach out to international audience in cities and popular tourist locations. All our content is fresh from the theatre – which means guests are unlikely to miss it.

The targeted premium and affluent group include businessmen, executives, families on vacation, well-heeled shoppers and even celebrities. As guests are expected to stay in the hotel for a few days, the brand gets effective and targeted exposure to reach to the intended audience. Rocket’s targeted media platform and free movies offer advertisers a more cost-effective way to promote their brand to affluent hotel guests of various nationalities.