Who We Are 

Rocket Entertainment is Asia Pacific’s first media entertainment company that provides the latest Hollywood and international blockbuster movie content to leading hotels across the region – free of cost!

Headquartered in Singapore, with support operations across Asia Pacific, we are currently the only licensee for ads before VOD in the hospitality industry for leading Hollywood studios content. 

Providing high quality entertainment for a premium audience, we bring the latest releases – fresh from the theatre – thereby creating a powerful platform for advertisers to reach, engage and connect with these highly sought-after audiences.

Our Story

We are a group of like-minded individuals who have travelled extensively around the world. Through the course of this journey, we have enjoyed some of the most overwhelming hospitality at the ritziest five-star chains, all the way to the most exotic tropical resorts across the globe. But no matter how fascinating our experience, we always felt there was something missing – the presence of quality free-to-view, in-room entertainment. It is this insight that led to the creation of Rocket Entertainment.

As we delved deeper into the idea, we realized guests were constantly on the lookout for the latest releases from the world of entertainment. Being in the relaxing travel mode, they wouldn’t be inclined to visit the theatre. And statistics show, a majority of them won’t pay extra to watch it in their hotel room. That’s when we decided to launch an in-room entertainment platform that enables hotels to provide the latest blockbusters from Hollywood and beyond to their guests, free-of-cost.

Setting up the company wasn’t an easy task. But with a clear vision of what we wanted to do, backed by a sound business plan, we let our persistence and hard work do the rest. Rocket was launched in April of 2013. After clinching landmark deals for exclusive distribution rights with major Hollywood Studios, and getting on onboard leading luxury hotels, we are all set to officially commence operations from September 2016.