Our Culture

Being in the business of entertainment, we have built an upbeat organizational culture that embraces new ideas, breeds creativity and promotes appreciation of the arts. We are all movie buffs. We make it a point to get together every week to enjoy the latest flick together. Not only does it provide a good bonding session for the team, but also ensures that each one of us holistically experiences the brand that we together represent.

We are all specialists in our respective roles. We believe in having the right people for the right job is at the core of what we do. And if someone with lesser experience has fire in the belly, we are quick to identify their potential and groom them for future roles.

In addition, we are firm believers of giving back to the community we operate in. As part of this social commitment, we are working with broadcasting schools and universities to promote aspiring filmmakers to come forward. Students with the best works will be given the opportunity to air their films on our platform, thereby giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent internationally.